About APG

What we Protect

It is our Job to ensure that all your domestic white goods are protected in the household. All your domestic white goods, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine and Tumble Dryers are included in our service plans. All the appliances will be repaired or replaced accordingly with our service plans. The price may differ between items, but all prices start from £79 and range through £299 dependant on length of service plan and the appliance in question.

What we have to Offer

Our priority is within satisfying all our customers. No job is too big or small when it comes to appliance repairs and replacements. With fully qualified, dedicated and passionate engineers up and down the country we put our all in to making sure you have the appliance back in working order within 48 hours from establishing the issue.

Regardless as to which white good you choose to have repaired; they will be given a 1-year warranty with each part/appliance that has been replaced.

Our Engineers

All Engineers that tend to the appliances will be manufacturer approved engineers.

Our customer service is unmatchable, from point of contact we aim to have the machine fixed within a 48-hour window.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Service Plan?

A Service Plan is put into place for you to be certain that should something go wrong, you have no problem in getting it sorted with Appliance Protection Group taking on the stress for you.

How do I get a Quote?

Just fill out our contact form found here or call us on 020 3011 1269.

Where can I book a repair?

Should your appliance have an issue then please refer to our contact section located here.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us on either 020 3011 1269, customercare@appliance-protection-group.co.uk or you can write to us at 1st Floor 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London, England, N12 0DR. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form below and we get in touch with you shortly.